Reflection Questions and Discussion on Sermon 3/31

Hi All,

Under this section you are welcome to leave comments on the Easter sermon and the reading.  Click on leave a comment here or under the section heading.

What were your thoughts on the sermon?  What stuck out to you?  Did the sermon change your thinking?  What did you think of the Acts reading instead of a gospel reading for the sermon?  Overall what message did you get from the worship service?  What did you think of the two poems at the end of the sermon?  Do you think the resurrection is about stirring up something new?  What do you believe about the betrayal, death, and resurrection of Jesus and what do they mean to you?   Do you think we die with Christ and are raised with Christ?  Is there a Pre-Easter and a Post-Easter Jesus presented in the bible (Marcus Borg terms – see link to him below)?  Which Jesus do we worship?

How would you answer the reflection questions in the 2 articles below by Mark Abbott?

Here is the link to the essays I was talking about by Marcus Borg and ones by the Rt. Rev. NT Wright :

Also a link to NT Wright on Easter. (Google Link)

Do you have any thoughts on those essays?


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